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"The Viking" Music Video by Lumanarium


"Syntagmatic Plane"



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We Are CharleMagnet, here to deliver the tale of a man. Not just any man, no; a real man, a man's man, with hands of steel and a heart of gold. But who is this man. . . really? Where is the line between stories and truth when it comes to the life and trials of a human being?


Come with us and explore the ever-so complex layers of feelings, experiences, delusions, and inspiration of the Artist as he struggles to live a life he can enjoy in a world of hard work, temptation, and the quest to capture beauty.


We'll take you on a mind-bending, genre-defying, metal-grinding, heart-twisting journey toward the center of a

singularity of polarity

and out the other side

. . .

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